Release Update - October 2020

Oct 25. 2020
By: Scott Edwards


In this release, we've added yet another way to present your projects to your clients with Modus 360. We've seen over the past year that getting in VR with a client isn't always possible or practical so we designed Modus 360 to help. It's an excellent feature that your clients are sure to love.

This release also features more manufacturer products including ones from HP, Shure, Full Swing and Jabra as well as generic models from the kitchen, home office, and more.

Keep reading to find out all that's new.


We’re excited to announce Modus 360, the best way to present your projects on any phone, tablet or computer! To create a 360°, open a space file in Modus Photo, press Ctrl + Enter, and Modus does the rest. Once the 360° is ready, head over to the new Online tab in the launcher to grab a URL to share with your clients. Here are two examples of the experiences you can create in seconds. Read our blog post about Modus 360 for more information!


Display up to 5 different videos on different screens, giving clients a better feel for multi-screen experiences like conference rooms and man caves. Each video screen tunes into a channel and the global tab controls each channel’s content.

multi-channel playback
multi-channel playback


We added a new loading UI to better handle the increasingly complex designs we’re seeing from our customers. You can also now continue voice chatting while spaces load!

new loading ui
new loading ui


We’ve added the Full Swing golf sim to the games category in the library! Trusted by names like Tiger Woods, Full Swing creates some of the best sims in the world.

Full swing
Full swing


We’ve seen many of you cobbling objects together to mimic a kitchen, so we decided to make it a little easier. We’ve added a kitchen category with a cooktop, hood, oven, fridge, and microwave. Check out the different fridge door and drawer options in the properties tab.

Kitchen objects - Each one has a stainless steel or black stainless steel material option
Kitchen objects - Each one has a stainless steel or black stainless steel material option


We’ve added several objects to help build school environments, like a classroom desk, exit sign, and even added world and US maps to the Art object. The whiteboard has also been upgraded with standalone, chalkboard, and corkboard modes.

classroom objects
classroom objects


Welcome Jabra! We’ve added the Panacast, a tiny 180° video conferencing camera.

Jabra panacast
Jabra panacast


We’ve added the Shure MXA 310. This powerful microphone has several microphone patterns to choose from. Check each of them out in the properties tab.

shure mxa 310
shure mxa 310


We’ve added the recently-announced Arya, as well as the Zoom-certified E Series G4 monitors

HP Arya (left) and E Series G4 Monitors (right)
HP Arya (left) and E Series G4 Monitors (right)


With the flood of commercial and classroom objects, we’ve created a new category in the library called ‘Commercial.’

Commercial tab
Commercial tab


Perfect for home offices, classrooms and more, we’ve added a generic computer parts object. It can be a desktop, laptop, monitor, keyboard/mouse, and nearly any combination of the above. Be sure to check out the different combinations in the properties tab.

computer parts
computer parts

Other New Features

  • Modus Photo: Added a stop button to media playback controls.
  • Floor plan editor: You can now adjust the reference image's transparency during the image calibration step.
  • VR: Updated the Crestron UC B160-T's mic pickup pattern to match Crestron's updated spec.
  • VR: Riser now supports all flooring materials.
  • VR: As part of a larger refactor, the following objects can now go on any surface: TVs, projection screens, LED walls, ceiling fan, art, pool table, area rug, and generic acoustic panel.
  • VR: Added the Zoom scheduling UI to the iPort Launch
  • VR: Several small UI enhancements and fixes.
  • Launcher: Several small UI enhancements and fixes.


  • Launcher: Reordered buttons in a space file's details panel to better match the workflow.
  • Launcher: "Update available" notification is now more attention-grabbing.
  • Launcher: Fixed spaces sometimes missing thumbnails in the Home Tab > Recent Work section.
  • Launcher: Fixed a rare issue resulting from a user exiting and restarting Modus too quickly.
  • VR: Eliminated dark seam on the round column.
  • VR: Fixed the frame on the Barco Unisee and Leyard TWS being an incorrect size.
  • VR: Fixed cases where the seat/screen/projector selection indicator would appear and immediately disappear.
  • VR: Fixed several cases where rulers close to the surface would miss nearby objects.
  • VR: Aligned the floor materials, like wood planks, to match with steps.
  • VR: Fixed columns and coffers not stretching correctly for the client.
  • VR: Fixed timer showing the wrong time remaining when paused.
  • VR: Fixed cases where a screen’s properties UI would get slower over time.

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