Release Update - February 2021

Feb 24. 2021
By: Scott Edwards

We are excited to bring you an all new redesigned UI, library navigation, HTC Vive Cosmos support and more in this release. Keep reading to find out everything that's new.

New: HTC Vive Cosmos Support

We added official support for HTC’s latest headset. Let us know if you’re interested in using the Cosmos and we can help make sure it meets your needs.

vive cosmos
vive cosmos

New: Refreshed UI

This update represents a lot of under-the-covers work needed for future expansion and features. We’ve updated the underlying engine, fixed more bugs than ever, and streamlined the UI to make it faster and more consistent.

Refreshed UI
Refreshed UI

New: Library UI

Our library has octupled in size over the last 3 years and it was time for a more robust method for navigating objects. You can read more about it here.

Library UI
Library UI

New: Color Picker

The new material color picker is more intuitive and requires fewer clicks when switching between swatches and unique colors.

Color Picker UI
Color Picker UI

New: Channel UIs

Channel buttons now show a preview of what’s playing, making it easier to manage channels in both the global tab and a screen’s properties.

properties channel ui
properties channel ui

New: Object Locking

Locked objects now display a lock icon, instead of disabled handles, to make the object’s state more immediately obvious.

Locked objects
Locked objects

New: Voice Chat Headsets

Headsets now light up when someone is talking, particularly helpful during VR sessions with more than two participants.

Voice Chat Headsets
Voice Chat Headsets

New: Other Features

  • Launcher: Users can now select which session to join if there are multiple sessions available.
  • VR: You can use your joystick or trackpad to scroll the UI!
  • VR: Made stacked stone material have more depth.
  • VR: Projectors can now go on all surfaces!
  • VR: Cabinet handles can now be toggled on/off and can have different materials.
  • VR: Updated menu display logic to be less likely to switch to the side menu while interacting with the far edges of the menu.
  • VR: File menu now shows “New” instead of “Reset” and is in a more common order.
  • VR: Saved space thumbnails are now more color accurate.
  • VR: Moved imperial vs metric unit selection to the side menu.
  • VR: Many other quality-of-life enhancements and clearer messaging.


  • Line drawings: Fixed dimension lines moving on their own if they weren’t anchored to an object.
  • Launcher: Fixed recently deleted spaces’ details being visible in the details panel.
  • Launcher: Fixed cases where the UI doesn’t warn of a duplicate space name and fails silently.
  • Launcher: Fixed long titles rendering poorly in the Recent Work section of the Home tab.
  • Photo: Dome lights’ brightness were incorrectly adjusted with hanging’ lights instead of ceiling lights.
  • Photo: Fixed dropdown text being the same color as the background.
  • VR/Photo: Fixed viewing distance assistant indicator arrows looking broken.
  • VR: On cinemascope projectors, the placement assistant would show the 16:9 preview in the wrong location if the horizontal shift was pushed to the extreme. This has been fixed.
  • VR: Fixed the rounded column’s material options not being in sync with current trim options.
  • VR: Restricted the toe kick size on cabinets so it doesn’t stretch vertically when cabinets are resized.
  • VR: Repeatedly clicking “no frame” on the whiteboard no longer causes the object to shrink.
  • VR: Entering room dimensions in just inches, e.g. 300” will now set the room to 300in instead of 300ft.
  • VR: Users joining a VR session were in a weird state when a space was loaded, preventing them from resizing a room or enabling room modes (where applicable). This has been fixed and clearer messaging has been added.
  • VR: Fixed some custom shaped rooms incorrectly reporting ceiling height.
  • VR: Fixed Acoustic Innovations Illumination Column being unable to undo back to the original LED color.
  • VR: Fixed objects being full size for a split second if a client spawns and stops before dragging the object out of the menu.
  • VR: Fixed client-spawned coffers sometimes not stretching to fill the space correctly.
  • Windows: Fixed the VR preview spilling off the screen and sometimes fighting window focus. Many other smaller misc fixes and optimizations.

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