Release Update - April 2021

Apr 26. 2021
By: Scott Edwards

To better focus each Modus update, we’re moving towards themed releases. The April 2021 release is the first of this new style and it specializes in conference room technology. As workforces slowly return to the office, the need for video-enabled conference rooms has never been greater—and Modus is in a unique position to help refresh old rooms and design new ones.

Keep reading for all that's new.

New: Camera FOV

To help place video conferencing cameras, you can now pan, tilt, zoom and visualize accurate FoV from any camera in Modus based on manufacturers’ specs. Even better, you can now see the camera’s far-end view. Check out the properties panel of cameras to see this feature, and read our blog post for more details.

Camera Fov
Camera Fov

New: Show Heads

Sometimes you want to display heads in seats without the overhead of additional calculations. The Show Heads assistant does just that!

Heads Assistant
Heads Assistant

New: Pixel Pitch

Use this assistant to ensure viewers aren’t too close to a direct view LED video wall, and change the video wall’s pixel pitch from the properties panel. See this blog post for more details.

Pixel Pitch Assistant
Pixel Pitch Assistant

New: Logitech

We’ve added the Meetup, Rally Bar, Rally Mic Pod, Rally Speaker, Rally Camera Ultra, and Tap. All of these visualize camera FoV and mic pickup patterns!


New: Bose

We’ve added the Bose VB1. You can visualize its FoV, its unique microphone beams, and can even auto-aim beams based on whoever is talking in VR!

Bose VB1
Bose VB1

New: Barco

We’ve added the ClickShare and the XT Series LED walls, which work in tandem with the new Pixel Pitch Assistant!


New: Salamander Designs

We’ve added all shapes and sizes of the Unifi Meeting Tables: boat, trapezoid, and rectangle. Included with each are Salamander’s beautiful finishes.

Salamander Designs
Salamander Designs

New: Avocor

We’ve added the E-Series touchscreens, perfect for greater engagement and collaboration in conference rooms.


New: Speaker Coverage

Our generic rectangle and round architectural speakers can now visualize an adjustable speaker coverage cone, perfect for ensuring you have enough coverage for any room.

Speaker Coverage
Speaker Coverage

New: Secondary Features

  • VR: For situations where you need to visualize FoV or mic pickup patterns for products not in Modus, we’ve added a generic camera, table mic, and pendant mic that let you define the product capabilities.
  • VR: Windows and commercial glass objects let you choose between clear and frosted glass.
  • VR: Cleaned up properties panel for screens so unavailable options are no longer visible.
  • VR: Reduced minimum height on flooring and ceiling blocks so they can now be near-flat, making different flooring transitions much easier.


  • VR: Fixed several cases where textures would appear blurry, most notably on the SnapAV equipment rack.
  • VR: Reduced aliasing artifacts (shimmer) on many touchscreen UIs and the Starke Sound v40 Series speaker grills.
  • VR: Fixed a case where users would get kicked out of a multi-user session when unloading a complex space file.
  • VR: Dramatically reduced internet traffic used during a multi-user session, reducing several network-related issues.
  • VR: Fixed the Shure MXA-910’s show/hide button functionality being reversed.
  • VR: Screen properties dropdowns are now visible to other users in multi-user sessions.
  • VR: Commercial glass is now more consistent with the amount of light let into the room, particularly in multi-user sessions.
  • VR: Fixed screens becoming detached from other objects if their size was changed in the properties panel.
  • VR: Fixed a case where cabinets could lose their material when going from the wall to the floor.
  • VR: Poly Eagle Eye IV, Studio X30, and Studio X50 can now have their mount styles manually controlled.
  • VR: Improved joystick scrolling on Oculus headsets
  • VR: Fixed a case where resizing a screen could lower its position slightly.
  • Photo: Fixed a rare case where the camera would be stuck upside down.

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