The future of AV sales is virtual


From dreams to virtual reality to reality

Recreate your client’s space in real-time allowing them to experience their one-of-a-kind media room before construction begins.

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If they can dream it, you can Modus VR it

Get a new perspective on home theater and media room design. Accelerate the process by hopping into the Modus experience with your clients.

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Seeing is believing, and learning


Viewing Angles

Ensure clients get the full picture from here, there, and everywhere in their space by making real-time adjustments.

Sight Lines

Visual cues show alerts if seating obstructs screen views, so you can create a ‘not a bad seat in the house’ experience.

Standing Waves

School clients on auditory fatigue by creating visual sound waves and arranging seating in the most optimal location.


Boost trust. Boost sales.

When clients get the Modus VR ‘what you see is what you get’ experience, they feel confident and you reap the benefits.

Less guesswork. Less planning time.

Clients get to understand their space and be a part of creating their theater by literally jumping into the blueprints and resolving concerns before construction begins.

Upsell isn't a four-letter word.

When you can share your vision and explore the possibilities of next-level aesthetics and performance in VR, clients are more likely to stretch their budget.

Happy clients lead to more happy clients.

Your custom AV business thrives on referrals, so stand out from the competition with Modus VR, make your clients happy, and watch the new biz start coming in.


We’ve got your back

If you run into problems, it’s no problem. A tech support professional will jump into VR from a remote location and give you a hand.

Take the next step to improve your customer sales experience.